About the author

Riccardo Mori


I was born in Italy in 1971. My educational background is rooted in the liberal arts. During my university years, I focused on philology, Italian and English literature, and art history. I started writing poetry as early as 1985, and in 1990 I completed my first collection of short stories.

In early 1993 I founded Laboratorio Quillink (now Quillink Press), a sort of small design & print centre aimed at publishing and distributing my own and other people’s works, which soon became the official brand for all my self-published material.

A large part of my corpus is in Italian. In the last few years I have been translating into English some selected works. It’s a long process, because in the last twenty years or so I’ve written hundreds of short stories, various experimental prose pieces, numerous collections of poems, two novels, a few novellas and even a play.

From 1996 to 1999 I composed a few pieces for reading performances I held in various locations in and outside Milan, sometimes accompanied by a few jazz musician friends.

Since 2001, I’ve progressively adopted English as primary language for creative writing. My first poetry effort in English was Collapsars, a small collection of poems written between 2003 and 2005 (for now, the PDF is available on demand). With regard to prose, the two most notable projects have been The Elah-Unembris Hotel, an experimental novella I wrote between 2001 and 2003, and Low Fidelity, a novel I started in Italian in 1995 and abandoned around 1999, which I decided to revive and rewrite from scratch in 2009. At first it was published in serialised form on the now-defunct Vantage Point magazine, but as of April 2017 work has resumed to complete the last episodes and publish the first book of the series before Q3 2017. The book will be available on Apple’s iBooks Store, Amazon’s Kindle Store, and hopefully in good old paper format. (More information on Low Fidelity can be found here.)

My main interests are literature, art, photography, typography, Macintosh computers, Newton PDAs, vintage technology, design, user interfaces and usability. I write about these subjects, and technology in general, on my main website. But I’m always open to whatever falls into the category of interestingness.

Riccardo Mori